Even if a game isn’t a complicated one, it’s necessary to learn the basic aspects first, and Blackjack rules are not the exception, as before immersing into the atmosphere of this exciting game the main features should be learned by heart. Blackjack is one of those hazard games that create a foundation of gambling industry together with Poker, Roulette and slots. This game is played all over the world, including the most hazardous continent on the planet – Australia. Casino Blackjack rules don’t claim to spend much time, but, in any case, attention and accuracy equals to success in the game.

The basic Blackjack rules

Every game of chance and fortune has its specific features, strategies and tips, but before absorbing in all secrets, it’s enough to understand the essence of the game, and the main points of Blackjack are the following.

  • The main goal is to collect 21 points, or a better hand than a dealer has. Due to this fact it is critical to know the values of the cards. Thus, Ace can be one or eleven points, according to the specific situation. Cards from 2 to 9 give the respective points (2 = 2; 3 = 3, etc.). 10, Jack, Queen and King “cost” 10 points. This is the first and the main page in the Blackjack rules manual.
  • Then 2 cards are dealt to every player, including a dealer, and both cards should be faced down.
  • Depending on the total amount, a player can ask for additional cards. And when the combination seems to be ok, the hand is stayed.
  • Important moment is that players can see one of a dealer’s cards from the beginning of the round that helps to make a decision whether to keep on playing, or not.
  • Participants can make different bets, and other players can fold or match, depending on both: the situation on the table and personal hand.

These are general rules that can be enough to start playing this exciting game, and as for the strategies, tips and secrets it’s a next step, when a gambler becomes professional one.

What are the main peculiarities, while playing Blackjack online in Australia

Online gambling sources, which provide Blackjack’s followers with an opportunity to play the favorite game, have many positive things to consider.

  • A player doesn’t need to go to any land-based casino to sate thirst for “blood” that saves transport charges and time.
  • Every guest, usually, can choose personal design and interface of the game.
  • The registration process is quite simple, when it’s necessary to provide the source with some personal data and banking information. But if a player prefers to use free variants of the game, some websites don’t even ask for login and password.
  • Old-school type players can find online analogues of the best land-based Blackjack games, such as: Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Spanish 21, Pontoon and others.
  • Any land-based casino would never provide new players with welcome bonus or something like this. By contrast with it, online casinos in Australia are ready to offer different gifts for those, who check own skills for the first time.
  • Many big online sources offer an option “Live Dealer” for gamblers to immerse into the atmosphere of real Blackjack.

So, the mentioned aspects show that the process of playing the game, when Blackjack rules are absolutely the same, as the original ones, is very simple. It’s just enough to choose a reliable source, to pass simple registration and to enjoy playing the favorite game.