Every player and even non-player knows the name of this wonderful game. Various movies and other cinematographic products have widely popularized blackjack so that everyone can imagine that breathtaking moment of winning.

Even if it is just the matter of pure chance how the cards are distributed to the gambler and the croupier and nothing can affect it, the real influence of the player can appear by making thoughtful movers according to known probabilities. This can make a difference for the result of the game.

Live online blackjack: the mission and the gameplay

There are quite simple steps of how the game develops:

  1. firstly, everyone in the game makes his bet on the player’s or croupier’s victory;
  2. secondly, the distribution of cards happens in live blackjack: two cards go to the gambler hidden, and the croupier receives his cards one revealed and one concealed;
  3. thirdly, the player makes his move according to what he believes is right;
  4. fourthly, the croupier acts according to the move the player made;
  5. fifthly, everyone opens his cards and calculates the appeared combination.

The whole sense of the game is to obtain 21 points or at least closer to it than your opponent without going over it. If the sum is 22 or more, the gambler busts.

These points are added up like this:

  1. 10 for tens and faces;
  2. 2 for twos, 3 for threes, 4 for fours and so on up to nines;
  3. 1 or 11 for aces (the decision of the gambler).

With just a little bit of experience, this whole system becomes very simple and understandable.

Live dealer blackjack: learn how to make your moves

In the live version, you are playing against the real person real- time. This is still a video game that you can enjoy from the screen of your computer or mobile device, but the uniqueness of live blackjack 21 is that you can see your dealer and communicate with him, ask any questions what he needs.

There are the following moves available to the gambler after distributing the cards:

  • Hit or Stand – here the gambler gets one more card or refuses;
  • Double Down – here the gambler enlarges his bet twice;
  • Split Pairs – here the gambler detaches one bet in two if he gets two cards of one value;
  • Surrender – here the gambler give up the round and agrees on half of the bet.

There is a general optimal strategy that helps every player understand the probabilities of all possible card combinations. According to it, the gambler receives the charts with the exact indications on what move he should proceed with in case of particular croupier’s cards. If the player follows it correctly, it is very likely that he will do well and at least not bust.

The live option also allows to make extra bets including “Bet Behind”, “Perfect Pairs”, and “21+3”. These additional bets make the game more interesting and offer additional chances of winning.