Playing blackjack is easy. Playing blackjack smartly is a bit more complicated thing. It requires knowledge, skills, and experience of course. Fortunately, now you don’t have to take a full course of mathematical statistics and probability theory to understand how to get the best odds. You can just use basic strategy and online blackjack trainer to practice it.

What is blackjack trainer and how does it work?

Blackjack trainer is a software that imitates real game with all the relevant odds, but you play it for free without making real bets. You can gamble round after round to master basic strategy. After certain time you’ll be experienced enough in all the key elements of the strategy to be able to play for money online or in land-based casino and win prizes.

The best approach to basic strategy is to get a full chart that will tell you when to stand, hit, double, split or surrender. Here are a few crucial points you should always remember:

  • Aces should always be split, in case it’s possible;
  • if you have Hard 17, always stand;
  • tens should never be split into two hands;
  • always stand when you have soft 20;
  • surrender, in case you have 16 points and the dealer’s hole card is 9 – Ace;
  • never split 5, 5 combination;
  • always double with Hard 11;
  • hit when you have Hard 8.

That are the most easy-to remember things. The chart will give you a more detailed information. You’ll first use it every time. Still, you’ll manage to play without it when you become a more experienced player.

Play free blackjack trainer app

Playing blackjack on mobile devices is fun. Using a touchscreen is usually more convenient way to gamble then touchpad or mouse on desktops. You can find a blackjack trainer app for both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

Here’s how you can practice:

  1. Download a suitable app from a trustworthy developer.
  2. Launch it and start a new blackjack round.
  3. Open basic strategy chart;
  4. Practice using this chart;
  5. After some time try to make decisions without help.

Basic strategy is an efficient tool, but even this method is not the universal approach to the game. You can try other methods in blackjack strategy trainer. The more experienced you are, the better chances you have to beat the dealer and win the prize.